Critical Incident Response Service

What is a Critical Incident?

It's the type of thing you think will never happen in your workplace but critical incidents such as a robbery, or a suicide, violence, or death in the workplace, suicide of a colleague, etc, do happen, and they can be sudden, shocking and outside the range of ordinary human experience. However, it may also be an event that has a specific personal significance to individual employees and, if not attended to in the right way, may result in strong emotional and/or physical reactions. This can create a significant risk of substantial harm to the physical or mental health, safety or well being of an employee(s).

This is where Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is crucial. Critical Incident Management is where you help those affected by critical incidents to ensure that they don’t suffer long-lasting effects.

In such situations, a specific approach, led by a qualified Critical Incident Stress manager, can help you to react quickly by contacting us to get on-site as soon as is possible to start providing specialist help and support.

Critical Incident Stress Management is not counselling. It is a specialised mental health intervention which requires specialist training. We are not there to take the place of Emergency Services, think of CISM as 'essential emotional First Aid'.

Jackie has undertaken the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM): Group Crisis Intervention Training which is accredited by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. This means she is trained to undertake group critical incident stress debriefings, crisis management briefings and defusings following a critical incident or workplace crisis.

Journey are on hand to help you before, during, and after the incident.

What do we mean by 'before'?

Whilst you would typically look for, and get in touch with us, following a critical incident. What if we could help you build a set of procedures to help you to respond quickly in a crisis situation whilst you were waiting on us to arrive? Would your organisation be prepared/know what to do in such a stress fuelled situation? Managers need to act fast in such crisis situations. We are not asking you to take on our role, we just see to benefit of having a written, practiced plan of how (and who) to respond in the first instances of critical incident before we arrive on site.

George Washington famously said 'Forewarned is Forearmed'. Would you like to feel confident about what to do in such a stress charged situation? What would your first steps be? We can help you plan for just this.

What do we mean by 'after'?

For most people the emotional first aid that Critical Incident Stress Management Services provide on site in a group situation is often enough, but, others may need further support. On your behalf, we can provide your individuals with a specific counselling service with a specific amount of sessions agreed in advance by your organisation.

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